Teeny tiny bedding

I WANT: Daisy Garden Nursery Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids
How adorable is this set??? I love how you could pull a wall colour from it so easily — maybe the soft green?
Plus the quilt-y-ness of it is deliciously old-timey. I could pretend I was Laura Ingalls Wilder, quilting up a little bed-set for Rose. Awww.
PRICE: $24-$79

TTC to-do: Kick the birth control

So I almost did this the other day!

Yeah, almost. Just let me finish, OK?

I had finished my last pack, and placed my re-fill order at the drugstore. But then we had a snowstorm, I couldn’t pick it up, yada yada yada, and suddenly I hadn’t had a pill in two days.

So technically … I was off it … for two days.

I mentioned it casually to Darling Husband, and suggested that maybe I would just stay off the pill. The idea seemed refreshing. No more icky chemicals and screwing with natural, etc. Maybe I would even drop the 10 lbs that everyone packs on when they start taking the pill.

Let’s just say, DH did not agree. Before I knew it, we were parked out front of the the drugstore, and I was marched inside.

So for now, I’m pill-in’ it up. But when I run out and go back for the annual gyno-fun in the fall, I will not be getting a little yellow prescription!


Brown bags

In the last two hours, I have …

– Washed, cut-up and Baggied raw vegetables for lunches
– Made fruit salad for lunches
– Bagged lunches in brown paper bags, with name labels
– Laid out clothes for tomorrow
– Given the dog a “time-out” (complete with microwave timer, so she knew when it was over)

How do I not already have kids???