TTC to-do: Begin taking prenatal vitamins


Ha! This might just be the first thing I’ve checked off this mile-long to-do list. Was in the drugstore last night with Darling Husband, and made a beeline for the vitamin aisle.
DH looked a little wary as he saw me pick up the Materna, but I quickly explained that no, I not already pregnant — it is something you should take a year or so before becoming pregnant.

That is the case, isn’t it? Materna’s website says it’s important to take it at least 12 weeks before becoming pregnant, but meh, it can’t hurt — right? Hmm.

Anyway, it had the folic acid, which I know is important, plus all kinds of other good everybody-should-have-them vitamins, like A, C, all the Bs. So instead of just taking those little folic acid pills that my obsessed doctor keeps pushing on me, I thought this would be a better idea.

Took my first one this morning with my pancakes — it was gignormous and pink, but went down easily.

The package says to take it before conception (check!), during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding, so it looks like I will be taking these things for the next, oh, three years? At least? Better get used to it!

Drink more milk … or drop it completely?

Hmmm, confusion city!

Item #56o434 on the jumbo list of things to do — and things not to do — while trying to conceive seems to be drinking and eating more milk products. Most websites/books recommend full-fat dairy products (i.e. not diet-y), even ice cream!

Makes sense. When I was little, I heard that if you ate a lot of dairy when you were preggers, you would have a girl — and spicy food landed you with a boy. Haha if only it was that cut-and-dry!

Buttttttt while researching, I found a ton of other websites/books/random internet-peeps who said dairy was totally evil while preggers. They were totally freaking about supposed toxins in milk, and said all of the same nutrients could be found in veggies.

What side of the fence am I on? Hmm, how about the side that encourages Peanut Buster Parfaits?

Teeny tiny bedding

I WANT: Daisy Garden Nursery Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids
How adorable is this set??? I love how you could pull a wall colour from it so easily — maybe the soft green?
Plus the quilt-y-ness of it is deliciously old-timey. I could pretend I was Laura Ingalls Wilder, quilting up a little bed-set for Rose. Awww.
PRICE: $24-$79