I can’t believe I ate that …

In my continuing saga quest to get healthier before bebe, I tried something drastic.

Yes, I mean drastic. I ate … Muesli.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, it’s a “breakfast cereal based on uncooked rolled oats, fruit and nuts.”
I saw the box in the grocery store and (stupidly) thought, “Oh, that looks good. A nice healthy breakfast will keep the daily Materna from upsetting my stomach. Yes, Muesli it is!”
So this a.m., I mixed 1/2 a cup with my raspberry yogurt, and attempted to down it …
How does it taste? Well, this should tell you something — it was developed in a freaking hospital.

I think I will go back to Cheerios …

Trampoline dreams

OK, so last night I dreamed I was preggers, and accidentally found myself on a trampoline — a big no-no for mamas-to-be.

I tried to get over to the edge without bouncing the baby around, but everyone around me was bouncing like crazy.

Preliminary pricing

Yay! Sneak attack on the baby stuff front!
While shopping at Sears yesterday with Darling Husband, I managed to “accidentally” walk us past the baby department.
Well, maybe it wasn’t even my own doing. It was right next to the mens’ clothing department — where we were buying ties and dress shirts — and on the way to the escalator. Fate? Hello?
Anyway, we have walked directly past this department many a time before, but yesterday was different. I did my usual “Oooh! Can we just look for a sec?” — like I have done a million times before. DH usually replies, “Ah, no!” and leads me to the exit. But yesterday, he just smiled and rolled his eyes.
Wow, majah!
I began making a quick loop of the baby “stuff” section (cribs, high chairs, strollers, car-seats), as DH followed patiently. When I stopped to look at a three-wheeled stroller, he actually said, “Ohh, that’s too bulky. It would be hell to fly with.” And I agreed.
We were having a discussion about strollers!
Giddy with excitement, I led us to the high chair section. Since I have not really researched any “practical” baby stuff yet, I had no idea what kind of prices to expect. I was thinking maybe $300 for a high chair?
I was relived to see high chairs were only about $100. There were even cribs in the $100-$150 range. People like us can afford to have babies, and they don’t have to sleep in drawers!
DH seemed to think the prices were reasonable too, until he saw the “complete travel system” that had a carseat that fit into a stroller …
It was … very close to the $500 mark, and he freaked a tad. I tried explaining that it included a carseat, and that it was also a whole stroller on its own, but he was still in shock. Time to go!
Honestly, I had been start showing him the prices at Petit Tresor — then maybe he will see that we will be getting away cheaply at Sears!