Extreme Rat Race: Mommy Edition

Some jobs are more dangerous than others. And by “dangerous,” I don’t mean there is the potential for physical harm. I mean professionally dangerous … the worst kind of all.
Because I’m hungry right now, let me explain using a charming food analogy. Let’s say, for example, you work in a cake shop — because let’s face it, YUM. So one day you stop in the middle of frosting a delicious six-layer torte, put down your icing nozzle, and trot off on maternity leave.
Many moons later — a few months, a year, etc. — you trot back in, pick up a spare icing nozzle, and begin frosting a dozen cupcakes. Yeah, some of the techniques might have changed — there could be a new way to make edible daisies — but the basics are the same. You are back, everything is fine, cakes for all …
This is quite a sugar-coated example, ahem, but honestly, it is not that easy with most jobs.
When I worked in the media, I saw women work straight up until they went into labour, and return to work within a few months. They were serious about not being replaced, or losing their “spot.”
Because, let’s face it, we’ve all seen women come back from mat-leave only to be dumped in a different role or department, because “things changed” while they were off. And what can they do? Nothing, except learn the new position. The company legally has to hold your job, but that doesn’t mean your responsibilites — even any of them — need to remain the same.
These colleagues dumped their babies — some of them only a few months old — into daycare or with babysitters, just so they could return to work and get back in the action. 
I used to look at these women and think, “Why was she so eager to get back? Why didn’t she want to spend the whole year with her baby?” But in the same breath, I also though, “Damn, now that she’s back, I will get fewer of the good assignments.”
With the career I have now, I know it is not as competitive as the media, but it is no cake shop. When I go, there will be an ambitious little girlie trying to take my place — and my glorious office, complete with three windows (only one of which looks outside).
The question is … will I care if I lose my place in the game? Or will I have found something much more important?
P.S. I hope this blog is not offensive to cake-shop workers. Really, you are stars. Those icing flowers? Totally, totally irreplaceble.

Construction site chic

I WANT: Robeez Soft Soles “Digger” shoes

One of my few mother-friends on Facebook was raving about Robeez shoes, so I looked ’em up, and there are pretty damn cute!
This pair of little “Digger” shoes caught my eye, as Darling Husband has a passion — yes, passion — for heavy machinery type things. 
I thought that yellow thing was a bulldozer, but the description seems to be calling it a “digger.” Is that really a technical term? Either way, precious!
COST: $27.95 (US)

One of those days

Arggggggghhhhhhh! Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

It is one of those days, dear readers, where you wonder why exactly you are part of the corporate world. Why you put up with the stress, the drama, the deadlines. 
… Oh right. The paycheque.
I know working full-time is just what I am supposed to be doing at this phase of my life, but sometimes it just feels so …  feels so “I-don’t-want-to-do-this”!
It is definitely days like this that make me want to be a stay-at-home mom (“SAHM” appears to be the cool way to write that on the ‘net). When I think about eventually going on maternity leave, and possibly never returning to the corporate jungle, it seems like a good idea … maybe.
But then on other days — days when work is not stressing me to the core — I wonder how I could give it all up to stay at home. I’m damn good at my job, I think. Wouldn’t I miss it?
Perhaps I should keep a tally … the days where I want to be a SAHM, I check one box, and the days I want to be a working mom, I check a different box. But that’s not really a practical way to make that decision, is it?
Just ate a brownie with my Diet Coke, but am still in this mood. Counting down until EOD!