All aboard the Health Express!

Well, my vow to get healthier this year has yet to be broken!

I’ve been eating crazy-healthy — for the most part, ahem — and will be eating a tuna wrap and baby carrots for lunch today. For reals. 
That might not sound too extreme, but if you knew me in real life, you would be saying, “Wow!” My usual fare is more like, oh, I don’t know … a cheeseburger?
I’ve also be drinking mucho skim milk, attempting the occassional salad, taking the Materna every day, and getting more exercise.
I’m trying out a pilates class over the next couple of weeks to see how I like it — so far, not so much. It’s a bit slow-ish, and I like the heart-pumping feeling of a good cardio workout.
So today I am off to a consultation at the gym, to see if that will make for a better lunchtime routine. 
Geez, this child is not even conceived and already I am more motivated than I’ve ever been. Nice job, Unborn One!

Rebecca Eckler: Love her!

Just finished reading Rebecca Eckler’s Knocked Up … for the 8th or 9th time.

I also own Wiped! and Toddlers Gone Wild, and have read them each an embarassing number of times.

FYI, I am obsessed with Rebecca Eckler. I regularly stalk her website and blog, and am pretty close to e-mailing her to gush about her awesomeness. Once upon a time, I was also a journalist, so I know how the hate-mail comes in fast and furious, and those nice e-mails are few and far between.

Anyway, if you are thinking of getting knocked up, I highly recommend her books. Since I am the first of my friends contemplating it, reading Rebecca’s books is like chatting with a girlfriend who’s already been through everything.

Must log out now, and begin re-reading Wiped! Have to read ’em in order! Good night!

Dogs: Kids in training

My dog is my fur baby. I tell her so every day.

I firmly believe that dogs — and cats — are excellent training for real babies. They are a time commitment, a financial commitment. You need to love them, take care of them and be responsible for them.

So because I heart lists, here are the top 15 reasons that dogs are like babies:
  • You arrange your social plans around their need to eat/pee/poo.
  • You punish them when they are bad. Usually with time-outs.
  • You vow that they will sleep in their own beds.
  • Sleeping in their own bed lasted exactly two nights. Now they are in yours.
  • You buy them speciality food, and wind up re-heating some frozen crap for yourself.
  • You dress them in adorable outfits and accessories.
  • Sometimes even little boots.
  • You buy them a Doggie Stroller.
  • Your husband is embarassed by the Doggie Stroller.
  • You take photo after photo of them — and make Facebook albums.
  • They have their own Christmas stocking. And pile of gifts.
  • They have wicker toy baskets.
  • You take them in the bath with you, and they have their own shampoo and fluffy towel.
  • You arrange play-dates with other dogs.
  • The play-dates always end with your dog pooing on the floor of your friend’s home.

I’m sure my relationship with Little Dog will change once we introduce a flesh baby into our family, but for now, she is my yummy angel.