Everywhere I look …

Does everyone have a baby except me?

OK, yes, I am over-dramatizing a smidgen a lot. But it has been one of those weeks where it seems everyone you talk to is either pregnant or just had a baby.
The biggest shocker came yesterday, when I found out my former babysitter’s daughter now has a six-month-old. Wait, you need more details for this to be shocking. OK, my old babysitter is maybe 40, and her daughter is 18. 
Hmm. This might be coming out badly. It’s not that I wanted to be a teen mom, yeeps. 
Anyway, I guess it was just the most surprising preggo/mothering news of the week. The rest were all regular marrieds, friends of friends, strangers on the street, etc. I am seeing/hearing about it everywhere … or is it because I am thinking of it so much?

I’m hearing mumbo-jumbo about the Bumbo

I WANT: The Bumbo Baby Seat

I don’t know much about baby gear, but this thing is everywhere! 

The adorably-named “Bumbo” is a squishy chair with leg-slots, designed for babies who can’t sit up on their own. It looks like you just sort of smush them into it, and they can sit up and play, eat, etc.
Very cool invention. What did parents do before the Bumbo? Stack stuff behind them? Hmm.
PRICE: $60

The wheels on the bus

I once hopped onto a bus, deposited by fare, and started to look for a seat. But blocking the entire aisle was a gigantic plastic kiddie car — complete with kiddie inside. Parked next to the kiddie-car was a stroller — with a baby inside.

I gave the mother a pissy look for blocking the whole aisle, and had to squeeze past the parade of tot-vehicles by holding my bag over my head and slipping around a poll.

You have a baby, you need a car … right? So you don’t drive everyone else on the bus absolutely crazy!???

This concerns me, because you see, Darling Husband and I are a one-vehicle family. He drives me to work every day, and I usually bus home — as his hours are ever-changing, and his work is far away. This system works for us, for the most part. Sure, there are times when I bitch about having to take l’autobus, but I (usually) put on my big-girl panties and deal.

But throw a bambino into the mix, and I begin to worry. Sure, I can handle the bus (most of the time). And sure, I won’t be commuting every day with a baby. But how will I get anywhere with a baby? Like … the mall, to buy more onesies???

I used to look at people on the bus, crowding the aisles with their strollers and kiddie-cars and diapers bags, and think, Ughhh. But if circumstances don’t change, that could be me crowding the aisle.

Please move aside, people — my child’s annoyingly-large kiddie car needs to make a three-point turn!