TTC to-do: Kick the birth control

So I almost did this the other day!

Yeah, almost. Just let me finish, OK?

I had finished my last pack, and placed my re-fill order at the drugstore. But then we had a snowstorm, I couldn’t pick it up, yada yada yada, and suddenly I hadn’t had a pill in two days.

So technically … I was off it … for two days.

I mentioned it casually to Darling Husband, and suggested that maybe I would just stay off the pill. The idea seemed refreshing. No more icky chemicals and screwing with natural, etc. Maybe I would even drop the 10 lbs that everyone packs on when they start taking the pill.

Let’s just say, DH did not agree. Before I knew it, we were parked out front of the the drugstore, and I was marched inside.

So for now, I’m pill-in’ it up. But when I run out and go back for the annual gyno-fun in the fall, I will not be getting a little yellow prescription!


Brown bags

In the last two hours, I have …

– Washed, cut-up and Baggied raw vegetables for lunches
– Made fruit salad for lunches
– Bagged lunches in brown paper bags, with name labels
– Laid out clothes for tomorrow
– Given the dog a “time-out” (complete with microwave timer, so she knew when it was over)

How do I not already have kids???

Won’t you be my neighbour?

Was home from work today, and actually watched an entire episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood. Quite enjoyable!

I had forgotten the hypnotizing quality of his voice! And the way you knew he was going to exchange the blazer for the cardigan, the shoes for the sneaks, and still had to watch to see him do it.

The best part is still when he plays the filmstrip thing about how something is made, on his oil-painting-turned-TV-screen “Picture, Picture.” I have never forgotten the clip about how crayons are made, with all the melting wax. It was fascinating. Today’s clip was about how zippers are made — not as interesting, but still decent. Except I suspect zipper-factories have been greatly modernized in the last 20-odd years.

P.S. As a child, I never noticed that he basically opens a drawer and lays the film-canister thing inside it. He is clearly not actually loading anything up — which is fine for kids, I guess, but as a techy-adult, I was a bit disappointed. The magic of “Picture, Picture” was lost.