Day 21

Today was the day …

No more pills for me!!!

Now, for the first time since Grade 12, Darling Husband and I do not have the nice security of Madame Tri-Cyclen, and it’s back to Monsieur Trojan
And, of course, there is the possibility that I will lose weight, be less bitchy, and all of the other supposed things that happen when you go off the pill.
I will definitely miss that all-encompassing feeling of safety for the next four-odd months — until Best Friend is good and married, and we can relax and let nature take its course.
But there is something very exciting about being one step closer!!! 
P.S. Oh, and for those not familar with Tri-Cyclen 28s, that last row of pills is just a placebo you take when you have your you-know-what, to keep you in the pill-poppin’ habit.
P.P.S. You’re right, it would have made for a more dramatic pic without that last row. Damn.

Changin’ on the fly

Yay! Another craft project is on the horizon! 
Over at Small Fry & C0., a very crafty mama made a beautiful changing pad that folds up for easy toting — and can even fit a few diapers and a small wipes container inside. 
She even made a whole matching set — diaper bag, sling, the works — for her friend …

I am totally impressed! I’ll get there soon … maybe when the neverending quilt is done.

The cupcake nursery

Inspired by last night’s cupcake-baking, I have officially come up with the perfect theme for a little girl’s nursery … yeah, CUPCAKES!
Think about it — they’re sweet and delicate, they are often pink (my fave colour), and they are just so girly!
I am having major visions of pink walls, white trim and furniture, and stripey curtains. Plus lots of cupcake-themed artwork and floor pillows.
So pretty!