Preliminary pricing

Yay! Sneak attack on the baby stuff front!
While shopping at Sears yesterday with Darling Husband, I managed to “accidentally” walk us past the baby department.
Well, maybe it wasn’t even my own doing. It was right next to the mens’ clothing department — where we were buying ties and dress shirts — and on the way to the escalator. Fate? Hello?
Anyway, we have walked directly past this department many a time before, but yesterday was different. I did my usual “Oooh! Can we just look for a sec?” — like I have done a million times before. DH usually replies, “Ah, no!” and leads me to the exit. But yesterday, he just smiled and rolled his eyes.
Wow, majah!
I began making a quick loop of the baby “stuff” section (cribs, high chairs, strollers, car-seats), as DH followed patiently. When I stopped to look at a three-wheeled stroller, he actually said, “Ohh, that’s too bulky. It would be hell to fly with.” And I agreed.
We were having a discussion about strollers!
Giddy with excitement, I led us to the high chair section. Since I have not really researched any “practical” baby stuff yet, I had no idea what kind of prices to expect. I was thinking maybe $300 for a high chair?
I was relived to see high chairs were only about $100. There were even cribs in the $100-$150 range. People like us can afford to have babies, and they don’t have to sleep in drawers!
DH seemed to think the prices were reasonable too, until he saw the “complete travel system” that had a carseat that fit into a stroller …
It was … very close to the $500 mark, and he freaked a tad. I tried explaining that it included a carseat, and that it was also a whole stroller on its own, but he was still in shock. Time to go!
Honestly, I had been start showing him the prices at Petit Tresor — then maybe he will see that we will be getting away cheaply at Sears!

Oooh, I want to go there!

Drove by a very cool-looking science-y kid kind of place yesterday afternoon.

When Darling Husband and I have kids, I can totally see us going places like this. It had tons of exhibits about electricity and magnets and stuff, but looked like it would actually be fun, as well as educational.

OK, so maybe I was never very good in science — yes, I do think I would learn something in a kiddie science emporium!

So I would really like to go to this place, but the trouble is, kids are the key to getting in. This is not the kind of place you could enter without them, I’m sure.

Really, kids are the key to a lot of cool places. Like playgrounds, especially those awesome indoor ones that are like three stories high. And … well, I can’t think of any other places right now. But dammit, I want to go to that science place!

Perhaps I will nab one of the nieces or nephews in order to get in …

The secret factor

If you are a woman in the workplace, pregnancy is a taboo subject.

Announcing that you are trying — or that you want to try — is just as effective as announcing you are planning to relocate to Bali for a year … or longer. Your bosses know you will not be around for at least a year, and hell, you might never return.
But even if you keep it a secret — and most women do — it’s still not enough. Once that wedding ring is on your finger, all bets are off. Your bosses know there is always the chance you could get preggo at any time, and jump ship — possibly in the middle of a huge project.

No matter how much you love your job, and claim to not be in any rush to have kids, they will always have it in the back of their mind. You will always have it in the back of your mind. Because we all know how going on maternity leave can affect your place in “the game.”
In Knocked Up, Rebecca Eckler was terrified that Sexy Young Intern would steal her job while she was pregnant/on mat leave. And you know what? It was totally justified! There is always a younger woman, fresh out of university, ready to swoop in and take your place. You do have to worry about what happens during the time you are off. 
Maternity leave is also sucky for your company. As a manger, I know that if one of my employees announced they would be off for a year — at least — a little part of me would be like, “Faaaaaaaack. That means I have to find a replacement, train the replacement, get them up to speed on everything. Ughhh!”

Hiring new people sucks. Trying to replace amazing employees sucks, because you will never be satisfied. So really, maternity leave is a bitch for you, and for the company who has to let you go on it.
In conclusion, I’m not ready get out of “the game” just yet, so I absolutely do not publicly talk about wanting a baby. Even if my bosses understood, I still don’t want them — or anyone — to know.
It will just be our little secret for now 🙂