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Food for thought

In the interest of posterity, I feel the need to say … Even though I was running late this morning, I insisted — insisted — that I re-heat some bacon and scramble an egg. So I did. I ate it off a paper plate… Continue Reading “Food for thought”

The end of an era

My children have grown up smiling through the pages of newspapers across Atlantic Canada, and now they have a thick scrapbook of brightly coloured newspaper clippings to look back on — a storybook of their younger kids, captured forever on newsprint. 

Surviving the first big slumber party

Everything was going great … until it wasn’t.

I was washing the dishes when a wide-eyed child appeared in my kitchen, motioning to the backyard where six little girls had all been playing nicely just moments earlier.

“You’d better get out there,” she told me darkly. “People are sad.”