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Diaper duty

As a kid born and raised in the 80s, I wore disposable diapers. When I got older and began babysitting, all of those kids wore disposable diapers. I love patting a baby’s butt to get that crunchy, plasticy Pampers sound through their sleepers. But… Continue Reading “Diaper duty”

The end of an era

My children have grown up smiling through the pages of newspapers across Atlantic Canada, and now they have a thick scrapbook of brightly coloured newspaper clippings to look back on — a storybook of their younger kids, captured forever on newsprint. 

DIY mittens (because you can’t buy them in February?!)

Make your own snow mittens [Heather's Handmade Life}

So in January or February, in Canada — CANADA!!! —  it’s practically impossible to buy new mittens, gloves, snow pants, and any of the other winter essentials we NEED in CANADA. Some stores have a few left, but the odds of finding your child’s… Continue Reading “DIY mittens (because you can’t buy them in February?!)”