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I’ve been at this parenting game for, like, a bazillion years now (seven-ish?) so here’s a round-up of some of the most-viewed parenting posts. (Yes, there are entirely too many posts about putting on makeup, disastrous camping trips, and creating bizarre infant meals …)… Continue Reading “Parenting”

So now our other kid can’t hear?!

Longtime readers will remember the many, MANY issues we used to have with D’s hearing. We suspected a speech delay, learned and used ASL, confirmed he had hearing loss, went to see an ENT (Ear Nose Throat doc), D had surgery to put tubes… Continue Reading “So now our other kid can’t hear?!”

Not-so-easy ‘easy’ readers

My son is six. He needs to read. Look for a book! It must be short. It must be simple. It is fun to read. We read every day. (See?! Short little sentences are permeating my brain!) Grade 1 means nightly reading homework, and… Continue Reading “Not-so-easy ‘easy’ readers”