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Smoothies, smoothies, the miracle food!

Feeding Baby Boy had turned into a gigantic pain in the ass.  All those gorgeous purees of fruits and vegetables that I lovingly made and froze? He now hates them. He never really loved them, but he at least used to tolerate them. I… Continue Reading “Smoothies, smoothies, the miracle food!”

Food, glorious food!

… aaaaand I broke! Yup, it finally happened. We started Baby Boy on rice cereal this morning (after, ahem, much holding-out on my part). The yogurt incident yesterday was the final straw. He was ready. I knew it, I felt it, I couldn’t deny… Continue Reading “Food, glorious food!”

Food, glorious food

Monday, December 14, 2009 15 weeks, 1 day pregnant So far today, in the five hours I’ve been awake, I have consumed: A glass of orange juice Two rolls with butter Two mini-oranges Marble cheese Green apple So why am I so over-the-top starving???… Continue Reading “Food, glorious food”