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The end of an era

My children have grown up smiling through the pages of newspapers across Atlantic Canada, and now they have a thick scrapbook of brightly coloured newspaper clippings to look back on — a storybook of their younger kids, captured forever on newsprint. 

The magic of something new

When your child is wonderful at something new and unexpected, it’s like you’re seeing them again for the first time.

DIY ‘archways’ to separate open-concept spaces

DIY wooden 'archways' to divide an open-concept space and use different paint colours {Heather's Handmade Life}

I really wanted an open-concept house. Now I wish I had more walls. I can’t say I regret buying our house — which doesn’t have a single dividing wall on the entire main level, other than around the bathroom — because it worked well… Continue Reading “DIY ‘archways’ to separate open-concept spaces”