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Not Me Monday: Diaper rash edition

I was not totally smug about Baby Boy never really having a diaper rash. Except THAT ONE TIME he was teething, and it was no biggie, because like, he’s cloth-diapered, and they don’t really GET rashes, so, yeah … My smugness did not totally come back… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Diaper rash edition”

The Great Diaper Bag Challenge

My diaper bag was getting out of control. It was crammed with stuff, suuuuuper-heavy to lift, and I was constantly having to pack it before I left the house. It was not fun. Here is a partial before shot. It’s hideous, and keep in… Continue Reading “The Great Diaper Bag Challenge”

Scrub-a-dub diaper

Thursday, April 15, 2010 32 weeks, 4 days pregnant The diapers are here! The diapers are here! I have never been so excited to get a package in the mail, which proves without a doubt that I am as dorky as you suspected. As… Continue Reading “Scrub-a-dub diaper”