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Meet our unpaid nannies: Mrs. Netflix and Ms. iPad

I’m over at “The Mom Scene” today talking about new year’s resolutions for parents — specifically, my own list of things I’m trying to work on. One of the biggies is technology: cutting back on our beloved unpaid nannies, Mrs. Netflix and Ms. iPad….

The kids who hate Santa … and the mom who insists on a photo every year

When this week’s The Mom Scene column was published, I was kind of expecting reader backlash like “What?! You force your kids to sit on Santa’s knee when they are CLEARLY UNCOMFORTABLE?! You negligent monster!” But I have yet to receive one comment or email…

Brats without bribes? Nah, more like bribes without brats

I was worried about the latest instalment of my parenting column, The Mom Scene, because I know parents can get really uppitty about bribing — rewards, incentives, whatever you want to call it. I didn’t want people to think my kids were little brats…