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Learning how to love your kids (and husband) "their" way

I spent nine years studying French and four years studying American Sign Language, but by far the most useful language I’ve ever learned is how to be better about loving other people.  It all started when I was watching Dr. Phil in my early… Continue Reading “Learning how to love your kids (and husband) "their" way”

Spending time with your kids: quality versus quantity

My kids are at the babysitter’s today. I have been working for the last six and a half hours, and I still have an hour to go before I leave to pick them up. I went upstairs a minute ago to grab a glass… Continue Reading “Spending time with your kids: quality versus quantity”

Kids + weddings

I’m a big fan of weddings, possibly (probably?) because I didn’t really have one, myself. I just wrapped up working on two pieces for wedding-themed issues of six newspapers, where I got to write about two fun topics: adding local flair to a wedding,… Continue Reading “Kids + weddings”