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Five things about taking a baby to a movie

I took Baby Boy to his first movie yesterday — a special Mommy/Baby showing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It went really well, but … uh … here’s what I learned … There is a stroller “parking lot” in the hallway. When you naively… Continue Reading “Five things about taking a baby to a movie”

Riding in cars with boys a boy

Breaking news: I drove our car for the first time in more than FIVE WEEKS. Woohoo! Technically, I am not supposed to drive until Sunday — the official six-week point — but I was going completely stir-crazy have been feeling great for a while… Continue Reading “Riding in cars with boys a boy”

Sing’s the thing

Baby Boy responds really well to singing. I don’t know if it’s the rhythm or the repetition or what, but it almost always makes him stop crying or fussing. This is great news, because (A) I love to sing, and (B) I am totally… Continue Reading “Sing’s the thing”