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School: Exhausting Parents Since The Dawn of Time

You guys, this whole two-kids-in-school thing is kicking my ass. Really. D started last week, on Thursday, and C started preschool (two mornings a week for a couple of hours) on Tuesday. Which means I’ve officially had two kids in “school” for less than… Continue Reading “School: Exhausting Parents Since The Dawn of Time”

DIY family command centre

Life changes, and sometimes that means your decor needs to change with it. We used to have a family “art gallery”on the main wall in our kitchen and we’d hang up the kids’ paintings and drawings — occasionally a worksheet from preschool. But we… Continue Reading “DIY family command centre”

When your firstborn starts school

Dear Mrs. M, You don’t know my son yet, but we have been talking about you all summer. He is bursting with excitement as he waits impatiently for the first day of school, and checks daily to make sure his brand-new backpack is still… Continue Reading “When your firstborn starts school”