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Peanuts for the next generation (review + giveaway)

I’ve written about my love for Put Me in The Story before (these were our first two books, and these were our second two books), because they are honestly just so great.  I’ve bought these personalized books (without being paid or perked) as gifts… Continue Reading “Peanuts for the next generation (review + giveaway)”

It’s a love story (for kids)

Valentine’s Day is pretty special at our house. We don’t put a lot of money into it, but it’s hard not to get kind of excited about a holiday that’s all about LOVE! And LOVING PEOPLE! And, like, yay FAMILY, right? Right? Valentine’s Day… Continue Reading “It’s a love story (for kids)”

That one time I was in a book …

When I was four or five, my parents ordered me a personalized book as a Christmas present, and it kind of blew my mind … It included my name, my best friend’s name (Steven, who remains a good friend to this day), and my… Continue Reading “That one time I was in a book …”