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TTC to-do: Begin taking prenatal vitamins

CHECK! Ha! This might just be the first thing I’ve checked off this mile-long to-do list. Was in the drugstore last night with Darling Husband, and made a beeline for the vitamin aisle. DH looked a little wary as he saw me pick up… Continue Reading “TTC to-do: Begin taking prenatal vitamins”

No popped buttons here!

I WANT: Ingrid & Isabel’s BellaBand This seems like an awesome invention. When you’re trying to squeeze into regular pants/jeans/skirts, you can wear them unbuttoned over your bump, and this cute stretchy-band keeps them in place. Or if you’re finding maternity clothes too loose,… Continue Reading “No popped buttons here!”

Like Lindsay Lohan … only preggers!

I WANT: Ingrid & Isabel’s Belly Leggings I am totally into leggings right now, and these look sooooo comfy! They’re mega-soft, stretchy maternity leggings that you can fold down like yoga pants or yank up over your bump. PRICE: $69.99BUY ‘EM HERE