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I gave my kids knives, and I’m glad

Giving my kids access to knives might have been my smartest parenting decision yet. I’m not sure why I didn’t do it earlier. It all started one day, a few weeks ago, when I was cleaning out our kitchen cabinets. I go kind of… Continue Reading “I gave my kids knives, and I’m glad”

When your Mother’s Day isn’t the greatest …

I knew, going in, that this Mother’s Day wasn’t going to be particularly great. I had scheduled a sleepover at my mom’s for the night before, but it wasn’t the jammies-and-popcorn watching Clueless and Mean Girls, kind of sleepover that I like. It was “Let’s… Continue Reading “When your Mother’s Day isn’t the greatest …”

The unprompted manners experiment

Last week on Instagram, I teased that I was involved in a very high-tech (read: duct-taping my phone to my tripod) video production, and now I can share it with all of you lovelies … It’s funny how screenshots you choose yourself are WAY… Continue Reading “The unprompted manners experiment”