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When your kid keeps failing swimming lessons

Swimming lessons were never my thing. I passed Yellow, Orange, and Red, but got halted when it came to getting through Red-Maroon. I hated getting water up my nose when I jumped in. I still hate getting water up my nose. And I have…

The fears behind free-range parenting

Nothing gets your heart pounding after dinner like racing for the back door, dripping sudsy dishwater all over the floor as you worry that your child might have been kidnapped. Let me back up. For the past couple of summers, I was able to…

Why preschool is so totally worth it

I never went to preschool. Two weeks after I turned five, I made myself a crumpled peanut-butter sandwich, stuffed it into my orange Tupperware lunchbox, climbed the steps of the school bus and went off to Primary. Before that, I was at home, mostly….