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Confessions of a Pinterest Mom

My children are the ones showing up in outfits I lovingly sewed for them. They eat pancakes shaped like dragons and sandwiches cut into smiley faces. They play outside in playhouses we built and painted, and take baths with glow-sticks and homemade body paint….

When your firstborn starts school

Dear Mrs. M, You don’t know my son yet, but we have been talking about you all summer. He is bursting with excitement as he waits impatiently for the first day of school, and checks daily to make sure his brand-new backpack is still…

Easy bento lunches (without buying those crazy-expensive boxes)

A dinosaur-shaped sandwich surrounded by star-shaped pieces of cheese. A container of yogurt dressed up with a few sprinkles. A toothpick skewering little chunks of apples, strawberries and grapes. There’s something about tiny portions of all different foods that makes lunch SO VERY EXCITING…