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Meet my son … he’s one!

Our son, D, is 23 months old. Actually, he’s one year, 11 months, three weeks, and one day old. But he’s still ONE. I get laughed at a lot lately, when I say things like, “But he’s only ONE!” or “My one-year-old …” People give… Continue Reading “Meet my son … he’s one!”

Today’s the day

Ready for another update in our Toddler Hearing & Speech Saga? Oh, the dramz involved in parenting! When we last left off, our son, D (now 23 months) saw a really great ENT (Ear Nose Throat doctor). He confirmed that he had fluid in… Continue Reading “Today’s the day”


Dear C, My darling baby girl, today you are exactly four weeks old. It is so cliche for a new parent to exclaim, “It’s going by too quickly!” and “I can’t believe they’re so big already!” but … it’s just all so true. It… Continue Reading “Whirlwind”