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Totally tube-ular!

I guess I liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles more than I realized, because as soon as I sat down to write this post about ear tubes, I thought “Totally tubular, duddddes!” Ah, miss those turtles. Raphael (the red one) was my favourite. But… Continue Reading “Totally tube-ular!”

Meet my son … he’s one!

Our son, D, is 23 months old. Actually, he’s one year, 11 months, three weeks, and one day old. But he’s still ONE. I get laughed at a lot lately, when I say things like, “But he’s only ONE!” or “My one-year-old …” People give… Continue Reading “Meet my son … he’s one!”

Today’s the day

Ready for another update in our Toddler Hearing & Speech Saga? Oh, the dramz involved in parenting! When we last left off, our son, D (now 23 months) saw a really great ENT (Ear Nose Throat doctor). He confirmed that he had fluid in… Continue Reading “Today’s the day”