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Then then he was two …

My dearest D, Today, you are two years old. Today, I have to officially stop calling you my “one-year-old wonder.” Today, I look at you and see such a startlingly grown-up little person that I can barely stand it. You are using the potty… Continue Reading “Then then he was two …”

Has it really been two years since I screamed that loudly?

Two years ago today, I went into labour with our son, D. My water broke. I went to the hospital. And I began what ended up being a 17-hour labour that turned into a C-section. I remember it so clearly. The pain — the… Continue Reading “Has it really been two years since I screamed that loudly?”

Totally tube-ular!

I guess I liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles more than I realized, because as soon as I sat down to write this post about ear tubes, I thought “Totally tubular, duddddes!” Ah, miss those turtles. Raphael (the red one) was my favourite. But… Continue Reading “Totally tube-ular!”