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Back into the booth

Regular readers will remember that our two-year-old son, D, has hearing loss. *** Long story short: he has “gluey” fluid in his ears that is preventing his eardrums from vibrating, and no one can be sure how long it’s been there. He is speech-delayed… Continue Reading “Back into the booth”

Peeing on the potty

I knew it would be a happy occasion when D first peed on the potty, but I wasn’t expecting to have to say so many things AS WELL AS “congratulations” … “You’ve already flushed the toilet.” “Baby, no more flushing, please.” “Stop flushing the… Continue Reading “Peeing on the potty”

When Pinterest-ing with your toddler, things gets messy

I saw a super-cute idea on Pinterest to try with D. The photo showed the little boy happily dropping colours onto a pan of baking soda. Hey, do you follow me on Pinterest? You should! Anyway, it seemed like such a cute activity for… Continue Reading “When Pinterest-ing with your toddler, things gets messy”