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Kids say the most guilt-inducing things

I got a lot of responses to last night’s tweet about my funny exchange with D, so I thought I would put the whole (sad! hilarious!) conversation here (which includes one of his very first three-word phrases). To give you a bit of background… Continue Reading “Kids say the most guilt-inducing things”

Speech! Speech!

This morning we’re heading off to D’s very first speech therapy appointment! Cheers to that, huh? Like a restaurant you really want to get into, it has meant a lot of waiting — we’ve been on this list SINCE JANUARY. So we are all really, REALLY happy… Continue Reading “Speech! Speech!”

A day in the life

I’ve been meaning to do one of these posts FOREVER, but it kept getting away from me. I love reading them when other bloggers write them, so I figured I had to take some notes and make it a priority. I work on a… Continue Reading “A day in the life”