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DIY produce stand

I wanted a DIY produce stand so we could stop the potatoes from turning to science experiments in the cereal cupboard. Hey, maybe we could get the bananas off the counter, too.

Make a giant paper mâché letter

DIY giant paper mache letter {Heather's Handmade Life}

Here’s something you should know about me: my projects don’t always turn out like I’d planned — sometimes they totally bomb — but I’m just stubborn enough to keep working on them until they turn into something decent. This, my friends, was one of… Continue Reading “Make a giant paper mâché letter”

DIY Lego play table with storage

DIY Lego table {Heather's Handmade Life}

There’s no pain quite like stepping on a Lego, is there? Although they’re sharp underfoot, I think I’m probably more bothered by the appearance of a bunch of tiny toys littering the floors. My kids have inherited my love of miniatures, so we have… Continue Reading “DIY Lego play table with storage”