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Nickel and diming

At the beginning of April, Darling Husband and I decided to do some CBin’ and MMMin’ — that’s Cut Back and Make More Money for those who haven’t read Confessions of a Shopaholic. So let’s see how we did! What are blogs for, if not… Continue Reading “Nickel and diming”

Re-inventing date night

Since Darling Husband works most weekends, our weekly date night has always been Monday. Yeah, Monday — probably the least likeable of all seven days. But we make the best of it.  Our favourite way to spend Monday evenings used to be going to a… Continue Reading “Re-inventing date night”

She’s been using Brand X

When Darling Husband and I first moved in together, we were pretty poor.  I was still in school and he went through a period of unemployment, so things were tight. We lived in an apartment overlooking Wal-Mart, and took the bus everywhere. Going to… Continue Reading “She’s been using Brand X”