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Five "new mom cliches" that are actually very true

You scarf your meals … I actually have to actively focus on not doing this, or else I am instinctively shoving half a piece of toast in my mouth. Must eat quickly, baby will cry any second, nom, nom … or eat cold meals.… Continue Reading “Five "new mom cliches" that are actually very true”

Five things I can do WHILE holding the baby

Pour myself a Diet Coke Type on my laptop (one-handed) Move clothes from the washer to the dryer Send texts Go to the bathroom (yes, therapy is in his future)

Mommy confession …

I often dress like Baby Boy without (consciously) realizing it. You would think this would be hard to do. Sure, moms and daughters can dress alike pretty easily. But for a mom to dress like her son? Um, yes. It’s very possible. I put… Continue Reading “Mommy confession …”