Category: Mental health

Everything looks brighter in the morning

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and tweets in response to last week’s post. I think most bloggers struggle with finding a way to write truthfully without crossing the line into Painful Truths. This post blurred the line, but it describes how I… Continue Reading “Everything looks brighter in the morning”

Before I go to sleep …

You guys, I am committing the ultimate Mommy crime right now. I am not sleeping — or even trying to sleep — while the baby is sleeping. Just now, I got out of bed and crept to the laptop to write this post. I… Continue Reading “Before I go to sleep …”

My Monday sucked … how ’bout yours?

Without spewing too much negativity into the interwebz, here is a brief list of things that are upsetting/frustrating/stressing me out: Finances. Oh, the days when I worried how we would survive with me being on mat leave. Nothing compared to the reality of mat leave… Continue Reading “My Monday sucked … how ’bout yours?”