Category: Mental health

Pinterest is my therapist

I had another bad day today.  I could go on about work frustrations and time management struggles and financial concerns and a disastrous house and the fact that our childcare is ending on Thursday, but I don’t want to write it all out.  I’ve…

Missing: My life. Reward offered.

Saturday, March 7, 2015. That’s what I would choose as my last really “normal” day. We woke up and had breakfast. I shared my DIY column on making reusable kitchen towels. I darted out to my 9:30 Zumba class. When I came home, our…

Something real on a Sunday night

When you’re a “mommy blogger,” sometimes it feels like there isn’t really a place — on your little corner of the internet — for you to be sad sometimes. We blog about recipes (and recipe fails). We blog about crafty projects and DIY projects….