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The power of eight

I had an unfortunate relevation last night. Darling Husband and I were discussing his erratic work schedule. I was whining about how little I see him, and he explained, “I don’t wake you up when I get home because I know you need your… Continue Reading “The power of eight”

Half-way to 50 … or Sweet 16?

My little sister thinks I’m old. She also thinks I am a lot younger than her. You see, I am 25 — I would add “and-a-half” here, but that would make me sound seven — and she is 21. That’s only a four-year difference, but… Continue Reading “Half-way to 50 … or Sweet 16?”

Making a move

I graduated from university four years ago. I have dreamed my entire life about being a novelist — an honest-to-God, published storyteller.  I have been working on a story since high school, off and on. I started and finished plenty of others along the… Continue Reading “Making a move”