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Making a move

I graduated from university four years ago. I have dreamed my entire life about being a novelist — an honest-to-God, published storyteller.  I have been working on a story since high school, off and on. I started and finished plenty of others along the… Continue Reading “Making a move”

Hi, my name is …

At the moment, a few real-life peeps know about this blog — shoutout to Best Friend, L and C! — but for the most part, it’s on the down-low. When I started Laptops to Lullabies, it was a huge secret. I was still coming to terms with my thoughts,… Continue Reading “Hi, my name is …”

A year of preparation

I have always been a mommy-in-training. I was very into baby dolls growing up — until I caved to peer pressure and gave them up at 11 13. I always knew I would someday have my own kids. Long before my husband and I… Continue Reading “A year of preparation”