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Making a break for it

I looked too pale yesterday. I had eaten my lunch too early, so the afternoon was dragging. My lipstick shade looked off. My hair was being annoying. There were crumbs on my desk. There was an annoying guy outside my window, yelling at someone.… Continue Reading “Making a break for it”

The power of eight

I had an unfortunate relevation last night. Darling Husband and I were discussing his erratic work schedule. I was whining about how little I see him, and he explained, “I don’t wake you up when I get home because I know you need your… Continue Reading “The power of eight”

Half-way to 50 … or Sweet 16?

My little sister thinks I’m old. She also thinks I am a lot younger than her. You see, I am 25 — I would add “and-a-half” here, but that would make me sound seven — and she is 21. That’s only a four-year difference, but… Continue Reading “Half-way to 50 … or Sweet 16?”