Category: Homemade baby food

Smoothies, smoothies, the miracle food!

Feeding Baby Boy had turned into a gigantic pain in the ass.  All those gorgeous purees of fruits and vegetables that I lovingly made and froze? He now hates them. He never really loved them, but he at least used to tolerate them. I… Continue Reading “Smoothies, smoothies, the miracle food!”

Beans, beans, the magical fruit!

I did it! I moved beyond cereal, and gave Baby Boy a REAL FOOD. Lovely green beans, pureed with leftover water from steaming them. Gourmet, n’est pas? Judging from how I agonized over whether or not to give him cereal, it was a surprisingly… Continue Reading “Beans, beans, the magical fruit!”

Making my own baby cereal

I’m considering making my own baby cereal from brown rice. You know, because I saw Josh and Anna Duggar do it, and I adore them and want to copy them shamelessly. Anyway … Has anyone tried it? The only thing holding me back is worrying that… Continue Reading “Making my own baby cereal”