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A touch of pink

Happy Friday, my beloved readers! During our weekly stitch’n’bitch, dear L and I were uber-productive. I took a break from my baby quilts and bibbity bobbity bibs to work on a home-decor item. On a whim, I decided wanted to create some new art… Continue Reading “A touch of pink”

WANTED: Good home for pencils

Now that we’re back to reality, and determined to make our cozy newlyweds condo into a home suitable for a … gulp … family of three … I’ve got my work cut out for me! No more dabbling posts about maybe-this-furniture or maybe-that-way-to-save-space. No!… Continue Reading “WANTED: Good home for pencils”

Sweet dreams

After salivating over farmhouses online, we took a jaunt to the country over the weekend to check out the area in person. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and every time we drove past a house sitting atop a grassy field — sometimes with… Continue Reading “Sweet dreams”