Category: Hearing loss

Thank you

Your kind comments, emails, Facebook messages, texts, and calls mean so much to me. Quick update on HearingGate 2012: The doctor at the walk-in clinic says he does have an ear infection (not sure if it’s double or not, because he had a super-thick… Continue Reading “Thank you”

Sounds of silence

The toddler’s long-awaited hearing test was yesterday. He did not pass. I should be working at this very moment, but first I have to write this down. I have emails and messages to answer, but I can’t just yet. So please, bear with me,… Continue Reading “Sounds of silence”

When there are no words …

I posted back in December about the toddler’s speech — or, ah, lack thereof — and then kind of never mentioned it again. In the blog world, it got lost in the shuffle of posts about having a little girl, and ruffles and heartburn… Continue Reading “When there are no words …”