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The land of "If Only"

Had a strangely meaningful talk with Darling Husband yesterday morning on the drive to work. It’s funny how sometimes you plan serious talks, and nothing really comes out of them. But then other times, you are zoned out in morning traffic and end up… Continue Reading “The land of "If Only"”

The knocked-up knockers

Darling Husband has discovered the magic of knocked-up knockers. A colleague of his is preggers, and DH came home one evening and commented on her new melons. “They’re really big, but she’s not fat yet. Like in the stomach,” he mused over dinner. I… Continue Reading “The knocked-up knockers”

Construction site chic

I WANT: Robeez Soft Soles “Digger” shoes One of my few mother-friends on Facebook was raving about Robeez shoes, so I looked ’em up, and there are pretty damn cute! This pair of little “Digger” shoes caught my eye, as Darling Husband has a… Continue Reading “Construction site chic”