Category: Craftiness

The first of many

Had a marathon sewing session today, and am happy to report that I’ve finished my first baby item … I made the dress using a great pattern I found over at MadeByRae. I didn’t print out the pieces, since she said the pattern was… Continue Reading “The first of many”

DIY wipe container

Yesterday we delved into the world homemade wipes here at Laptops to Lullabies — groundbreaking stuff!  And what is the natural next step? … Making your own super-cute wipe container, of course! Wow, we have fun here! I saw the idea over at… Continue Reading “DIY wipe container”

I am sew ready!

Inspired by the awesome Rebecca Woolf over at Girl’s Gone Child, I have decided to turn my bebe impatient-ness into productivity. Yes, I am going to begin making baby clothes … for the kid that is still an egg, technically. Don’t laugh! I am!… Continue Reading “I am sew ready!”