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The first of many

Had a marathon sewing session today, and am happy to report that I’ve finished my first baby item … I made the dress using a great pattern I found over at MadeByRae. I didn’t print out the pieces, since she said the pattern was…

DIY wipe container

Yesterday we delved into the world homemade wipes here at Laptops to Lullabies — groundbreaking stuff!  And what is the natural next step? … Making your own super-cute wipe container, of course! Wow, we have fun here! I saw the idea over at….

I am sew ready!

Inspired by the awesome Rebecca Woolf over at Girl’s Gone Child, I have decided to turn my bebe impatient-ness into productivity. Yes, I am going to begin making baby clothes … for the kid that is still an egg, technically. Don’t laugh! I am!…