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Manic Monday

I shouldn’t even be writing this. I’m so wiped from today — I should be sleeping. Work was basically exploding all around me, all day. It was one of those intense workdays where projects are going berserk all over the place. People were freaking… Continue Reading “Manic Monday”

The working mother fallacy

Michelle Williams recently said she thinks the “working mother thing is kind of a fallacy,” and added that “it’s hard to do both things well.” But she followed it up by saying that she worries her life “might end as a pile of dishes”… Continue Reading “The working mother fallacy”

The daily grind

Yes, I am having another one of those days. You know the kind — when you are pretty sure you will jump out of your office window before the clock strikes five? Had to duck out around 3:30 and stand on the street, in the… Continue Reading “The daily grind”