Category: Annoyances

The daily grind

Yes, I am having another one of those days. You know the kind — when you are pretty sure you will jump out of your office window before the clock strikes five? Had to duck out around 3:30 and stand on the street, in the… Continue Reading “The daily grind”

The pill factor

I have always been a pill-popper. Not in a druggie kind of way, but in a nice, appreciate, isn’t-Advil-great kind of way.  As someone who will happily pop whatever I think I need, I never understand people who are against meds. Darling Husband, for instance,… Continue Reading “The pill factor”

The wheels on the bus

I once hopped onto a bus, deposited by fare, and started to look for a seat. But blocking the entire aisle was a gigantic plastic kiddie car — complete with kiddie inside. Parked next to the kiddie-car was a stroller — with a baby… Continue Reading “The wheels on the bus”