Category: Annoyances

Journal rant

I’m sure I have mentioned it before, but this whole not-knowing-you’re-pregnant-for-the-first-four weeks is so lame. How am I supposed to write in the first four weeks of my cute little planner? It has a spot for entries beginning at Week One …? How can… Continue Reading “Journal rant”

The most annoying woman EVER

If looks could kill, I would have murdered a woman on the bus yesterday. I’m writing about it to remember what kind of mother I never want to be! She walked on, screaming and yakking with her friends, and then proceed to make a… Continue Reading “The most annoying woman EVER”

Been there, done that, bought the Trojans

Can I just say … ugghhhh! As I have mentioned before, Darling Husband and I were extremely careful — with a cap E — before we got married. We did not not not not not not NOT want to get pregnant before we were… Continue Reading “Been there, done that, bought the Trojans”