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I admit it. I’m super nosy.

My family and friends are always tell me that I’m nosy, but I prefer to think of it as “curious” or “very interested in people.” I don’t think I can even blame it on being a journalist, because I’ve been like this since I… Continue Reading “I admit it. I’m super nosy.”

Beat the school lunch blues with Lunch Pucks

Our five-year-old loves peanut butter sandwiches, but he can’t bring those to school, of course. We did buy something called Wowbutter, but he’s not keen on it yet. So what do you pack for the child who refuses to bring a sandwich to school?… Continue Reading “Beat the school lunch blues with Lunch Pucks”

Finding a new normal

How to find your new normal when starting school is exhausting

I bought the thermos and the water bottle. I was ready with lunchbox snacks and juice boxes. I even baked fresh chocolate chip cookies for the heartwarming after-school mother/son chat we’d have on the first day. But I certainly wasn’t prepared for the exhaustion… Continue Reading “Finding a new normal”