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Not-so-easy ‘easy’ readers

My son is six. He needs to read. Look for a book! It must be short. It must be simple. It is fun to read. We read every day. (See?! Short little sentences are permeating my brain!) Grade 1 means nightly reading homework, and… Continue Reading “Not-so-easy ‘easy’ readers”

Can you choose your kids’ friends?

Our six-year-old son got his class assignment as part of his report card, in the form of a nice welcoming letter from his Grade 1 teacher. There was a flurry of Facebook-ing amongst the parents-of-Primaries I have as Facebook friends, and it looked like… Continue Reading “Can you choose your kids’ friends?”

Here we go, Grade 1

Primary blew by at the speed of light, and suddenly there was a little boy — a BIG little boy with a brand-new haircut — standing eagerly at the bus stop ready for Grade 1. I’m so eager for D to get home so… Continue Reading “Here we go, Grade 1”