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The Most Dramatic Flu Shot Ever, and Why Older Kid Tantrums are the Absolute Worst

Just when you think you’ve moved into a comfortable stage of life when no one is likely to start shrieking in the mall or make a sudden pee-puddle on the floor of the grocery store, a whopping dose of parental embarrassment will smack you… Continue Reading “The Most Dramatic Flu Shot Ever, and Why Older Kid Tantrums are the Absolute Worst”

Tantrum in aisle 12

I was in the grocery store this morning, picking up some items for a shoot this afternoon, and was bombarded by screaming toddlers. It seems 9:30 a.m. is when stay-at-home moms decide to get groceries, and when tots get super-cranky. There was a boy… Continue Reading “Tantrum in aisle 12”

The end of an era

My children have grown up smiling through the pages of newspapers across Atlantic Canada, and now they have a thick scrapbook of brightly coloured newspaper clippings to look back on — a storybook of their younger kids, captured forever on newsprint. 

The 12 days of Christmas vacation

The 12 days of Christmas vacation {Heather's Handmade Life}

On the twelfth day of Christmas vacation, my family sent to me Twelve snacks served daily Eleven whiny demands Ten wicked tantrums Nine loads of laundry Eight spills a-spilling Seven rowdy neighbours Six frantic deadlines Five Mommy meltdowns Four broken Wii remotes Three Advil… Continue Reading “The 12 days of Christmas vacation”

Five New Year’s resolutions this mom is NOT making

A new year means parents are often inspired to “start fresh” and implement new healthy habits — or drop some of the bad ones. But just because there’s a new calendar on the wall doesn’t mean you’re not already doing a great job raising… Continue Reading “Five New Year’s resolutions this mom is NOT making”