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Bodysuits are back (and easy to sew)

Bodysuits are back (and easy to sew) How to sew kids' bodysuits for dance, gymnastics, or fashion {Heather's Handmade Life}

Fellow 30-somethings, remember the bodysuits of the ’90s with snap crotches?! And if you stretched or arched your back or breathed wrong, you’d pop one of the snaps open? And if they all came unsnapped, your bodysuit would start to hitch upwards until you… Continue Reading “Bodysuits are back (and easy to sew)”

How I sew button-up shirts

How I sew button-up shirts {Heather's Handmade Life}

I talk a lot about the clothes I sew for our daughter — we all know she’s my life-sized Barbie baby — so today I thought I’d share some details about the button-up shirts I sew for our son. While I have quite a… Continue Reading “How I sew button-up shirts”

No-sew pennant banner

Back when my friend was pregnant, she’d mentioned wanting a burlap pennant banner to hang over the baby’s crib (which you might remember from this sweet little makeover). I insisted I’d made one, but then I found myself procrastinating the project. Burlap is a pain… Continue Reading “No-sew pennant banner”