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The after-school freak-out

The after-school freak-out {Heather's Handmade Life}

As happy as I am that the kids are back in school, there’s one really annoying part I’d forgotten about: the after-school freak-out.  It happens almost every day, immediately after our daughter gets off the bus. She’s smiling, she’s running toward me, she’s hugging me…

Are you an early school-prepper?

Even before the calendar flipped to August — and by “flipped” I mean metaphorically, of course, because we’re a digital household — it seemed like everybody was talking about back-to-school shopping. One neighbour came home with new backpacks, water bottles and plastic lunch containers….

The trouble with school pictures

The trouble with school pictures {Heather's Handmade Life}

Photographers who take school pictures, why do you hate us? Parents, I mean. I understand taking school pictures probably isn’t easy — and that you have a lot of sticky children to usher through your lineup, probably on a tight timeline in between lunch…

Be cool to your (child’s) school

Teachers and administrators work hard to make sure our kids are learning and having fun. They can’t do it all, and there’s no reason they should have to.

First day of school = a very happy mommy

A very happy mommy on the first day of school {Heather's Handmade Life}

The day we’d been waiting for — for what felt like FOREVER — arrived yesterday, right on schedule. The first day of school a.k.a. NO KIDS AT HOME FOR SIX HOURS EACH WEEKDAY OMGGGG. It was a huge milestone for C, going off to Primary,…

What we learned in “summer school”

Our kids’ summer course load? Physics, geography, biology, social sciences, culinary arts and more!

School bus stop fashion

Fashion trends for the 2017-18 school bus season include faded flannel PJ pants and oversized sweaters, accessorized with wool caps and travel mugs.

Why schoolwork is saving our summer vacation

One of the most fun summer activities at our house isn’t swimming in the inflatable pool, playing on the new monkey bars or having water fights with the neighbours. It’s a daily spelling test. It all started exactly one week into summer vacation. The…

The (very) last day of preschool

Our youngest finishes preschool today, which marks the end of FOUR YEARS (between both kids) at the loveliest little preschool on the planet. For real. Wasn’t it not that long ago that D was going off for his first day? And finishing HIS two…

Where to splurge (and save) on school essentials

Where to splurge (and save) on school essentials. What's actually worth the extra money? {Heather's Handmade Life}

It’s been almost two years since I became an “elementary-school parent,” and this fall I’ll have BOTH kids heading off to school each weekday! I know, I know — I still have a few months to go. But I’ve already been thinking of what…

Why too many days off school make me crazy

I’m almost positive my son and daughter attend Grade 1 and preschool, respectively. It’s just that for the last three or four weeks, they’ve barely gone. At least it feels that way, between flu bugs, coughs, snow days, labour action, holidays and more snow…

The inappropriate school drawing

Well, guys, you were going to get a blog post about something adult-y today, and then my five-year-old went and brought THIS home from school … There. Are. No. Words. Actually, no, there are words: Mortified! Horrified! All of the -ifieds! (More words: Why…