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The (very) last day of preschool

Our youngest finishes preschool today, which marks the end of FOUR YEARS (between both kids) at the loveliest little preschool on the planet. For real. Wasn’t it not that long ago that D was going off for his first day? And finishing HIS two… Continue Reading “The (very) last day of preschool”

When preschoolers text

You know when you write something, and you have a feel this will be one of the pieces that gets readers sending emails and commenting — fast and furious? I shared my latest parenting column on my Facebook page about 30 seconds ago, and… Continue Reading “When preschoolers text”

Why preschool is so totally worth it

I never went to preschool. Two weeks after I turned five, I made myself a crumpled peanut-butter sandwich, stuffed it into my orange Tupperware lunchbox, climbed the steps of the school bus and went off to Primary. Before that, I was at home, mostly.… Continue Reading “Why preschool is so totally worth it”