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Weekly wrap-up: Eggs + hearing loss + cheap tables

SUNDAY Over on Instagram I shared a shot of some of the drool-worthy fabric I scored during an Atlantic Fabrics sale, as well as some pretty park shots while I took Annabelle for a walk. MONDAY I was part of an awesome East Coast… Continue Reading “Weekly wrap-up: Eggs + hearing loss + cheap tables”

Speech delays, hearing loss, fluid in the ears, and other toddler fun

Just to re-cap … Remember when we took the toddler to the hearing test? And learned a few things, like … Both of his eardrums aren’t moving He possibly has fluid in both ears He has a mild hearing loss ( >40 dec.) The… Continue Reading “Speech delays, hearing loss, fluid in the ears, and other toddler fun”

I’m hearing mumbo-jumbo about the Bumbo

I WANT: The Bumbo Baby Seat I don’t know much about baby gear, but this thing is everywhere!  The adorably-named “Bumbo” is a squishy chair with leg-slots, designed for babies who can’t sit up on their own. It looks like you just sort of… Continue Reading “I’m hearing mumbo-jumbo about the Bumbo”

The end of an era

My children have grown up smiling through the pages of newspapers across Atlantic Canada, and now they have a thick scrapbook of brightly coloured newspaper clippings to look back on — a storybook of their younger kids, captured forever on newsprint. 

The magic of something new

When your child is wonderful at something new and unexpected, it’s like you’re seeing them again for the first time.