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Kids and junk food

I admit it — my husband and I are junk food junkies. We have been long before we got together in Grade 11, and our earliest dates centered around McDonald’s. (This was back in the “good old days” when a $5 bill covered one… Continue Reading “Kids and junk food”

Wordless Wednesday: Making baby food in 2.8 seconds flat

Food your toddler will want to eat

One of my favourite things to post on Instagram (I’m “laptops2lullabies“) are photos of the meals I make for D. They are never too fancy, but it’s all about the presentation.   When D was about 16 months, I started following Michelle’s idea for… Continue Reading “Food your toddler will want to eat”

How do moms get skinny? Their kids steal their food.

You know what’s convenient? When your baby gets to the age where they can eat REAL PEOPLE FOOD, and you don’t have to make separate meals just for them three times a day. We are just getting to this stage with Baby Boy, and… Continue Reading “How do moms get skinny? Their kids steal their food.”

The ultimate guide to finger foods

We’ve been giving finger foods to Baby Boy since he was about six months old. Eight-month-old Baby Boy eats his new favourite, pancakes  It took a LOT of research (read: Googling) for me to feel comfortable with this, because purees are nice and smooth,… Continue Reading “The ultimate guide to finger foods”