DIY patio cushion covers

DIY patio cushion covers {Heather's Handmade Life}

Longtime readers may remember that a few years back, I was complaining about wrestling patio cushions into submission on a sweaty summer’s day. Well, much like childbirth, I forgot the pain and agreed to do it all over again.

Recovering patio cushions is a great way to extend the life of your furniture and give it a fresh new look. I’ve sewn a lot of cushion covers over the years, but this time there was the added challenge of sewing heavy-duty semi-waterproof outdoor fabrics.

I do NOT like sewing heavy-duty semi-waterproof outdoor fabrics.

But I love my client, and I agreed her brown- and lime-green patio cushions could use a refresh, so I agreed. And you know what? The end result was certainly worth the sweating and cursing.

Ready to thread your bobbin and make furniture magic? Here’s how to sew removable patio cushion covers, whether they’re for your porch, your back deck, or somewhere inside your home …

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DIY patio cushion covers {Heather's Handmade Life}
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3 Comments on “DIY patio cushion covers

  1. Thank you for this post I tend to over think things but this is so simpe to do. I’m currently being asked to make covers for preexisting cushions and I’m not sure what to charge for just sewing them up. Do you have an idea as to what I should charge?

    • I also struggle with what to charge for sewing projects, but I usually pick an hourly rate ($20 or $30, depending on the complexity and who it’s for) and tell them how many hours it will be. For cushions, I’d guess you could probably make two cushion covers in an hour.

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